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Refinancing Your Mortgage in Germany | Bonus

Tipps for refinancing your mortgage with the current low interest rates

Bonus: LoanLink24 covers the notary and assignment costs up to € 1,000*.

  • Free offer & expert advice (in person or from home)
  • We compare conditions of over 450 bank partners
  • Simple process with only little admin

*Applies for signing a new contract with LoanLink24 until 31 Dec 2021, mortgage sum from 100.000 € and a minimum of 10 years fixed interest rate. Payment will take place after the end of the statutory revocation period.


Restructuring your current debt is easy.

The most important facts in brief

  • The fixed-interest period for most real estate loans expires after 5, 10 or 15 years. Ususally, there is then still a residual debt, and refinancing your mortgage is necessary.
  • In addition, 10 years after full payment of the mortage you have a special right of termination in Germany, irrespective of the fixed interest rate.
  • 3 months before the fixed interest rate period expires, your bank provides you with an offer for prolongation.
  • Comparing pays off and is easier than you think!


Current interest rates are so attractively low that many homeowners would like to get rid of their loan early and restructure their debts. By refinancing the mortgage you can get a better interest rate with a new bank and potentially save many thousands of Euros.

24h-Safety-Check: Compare bank offers and save money!

You already have a bank offer for refinancing your contract? Use our 24h-Safety-Check and let us see if we can negotiate a better one for you.


A debt rescheduling is worthwhile if the interest rate of the new loan is 0.2 percentage points better than the old one.

Let’s check if you are eligible to refinance your mortgage:

If you have already completed 5 years of your current mortgage you are eligible to apply for refinancing for a refinancing.

Depending on the period of your mortgage LoanLink24 helps you to:

  • refinance your mortgage with a new lender
  • prolonge with your current lender
  • receive a forward mortgage with any lender


The table below shows you which action you can take in different periods of time.

Have a look into the table to find out if you’re eligible to apply for refinancing.


Scope for action

The credit agreement has been running for more than 10 years?

You can terminate and refinance your mortgage at any time with a notice period of 6 months.

Only 12 months left until the fixed interest rate expires?

You can either stay with the same bank and extend the loan (rollover) or terminate the contract now and carry out a debt restructuring.

Your mortgage will expire in the next five years, but will still last longer than 12 months?

You still cannot terminate the mortgage, but you can take out a forward loan to pay off the remaining debt later.


Find out out more about the details on the different refinancing options here.


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