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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In our FAQ you will find everything you need to know about your real estate financing. We have collected the most important questions and answers and provide helpful tips.

Frequently asked questions

We’re Germany’s first digital mortgage broker. We are independent of banks and our English speaking team is specialized to advice client from all over the world. We’ve developed a simple, fast, transparent way to find and apply for the best mortgage comparing rates from more than 400 banks. Our combination of top-notch technology and industry-leading mortgage experts allows us to get our customers the best mortgage out there for them.

It’s as simple as these 4 steps:

  • Check how much you can afford:
    Answer some basic questions and get an idea on how your mortgage may look like – it only takes 3 minutes. Our algorithm compares your data with the requirements of more than 400 partner banks.
  • Tell us more about yourself:
    German banks require in-depth information on the property and your financial situation. This should not take longer than 40 minutes and you can complete it 24/7. And the best: All relevant documents are in English!
  • Chat with a mortgage expert:
    Our mortgage experts guide you through the German mortgage process, explain requirements and recommend the most suitable option out of more than 400 banks. You can also call or text as anytime!
  • Secure your mortgage:
    Relax while we close your mortgage with the lender, keeping you informed every step of the way. All free of charge

Yes! Our service is completely free of charge, from start to finish! Just like any broker, we get paid by the lenders for processing your mortgage application. This fee is a fraction of a percent of the value of your mortgage. We are 100 percent transparent and always tell you the exact amount during your application.

We have access to more than 400 banks. This includes all major German lenders, such as Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank, but also small regional banks. We will always make sure you get the true best mortgage comparing all these lenders.

You can email us on or call us on +49 (0) 800 05 28000 any time.

Because every case is unique, it varies, but most of our customers receive a recommendation within 24 hours. You can call us anytime, if it’s super urgent!

The German mortgage market varies significantly from other countries. Starting from the bank’s due diligence up to the mortgage products itself.

Due diligence:
German lenders assess not only the value of your assets. Your personal and financial situation is just as important as the property’s evaluation. So be ready to answer some in-depth questions regarding your personal, income, equity, and liabilities situation. A professional broker as LoanLink24 knows all questions and helps you to get everything set up in a lean and efficient way.

Mortgage products:
Interest rates are typically fixed for 5 up to 30 years. Among others, the most common kind of mortgages is the Annuity Loan (in German Annuitätendarlehen) with capital & interest repayments and interest only loans. The repayment of your loan is very flexible. Every year you can decide again what percentage of the loan should be repaid on a scale from 1-10%. In addition, one has the option of paying in an amount of up to 5% of the loan annually. Here again: We assist our clients to evaluate their financial setup and recommend the best product types based on every single case – no dependency on any certain product or lender.

This really depends on multiple factors. The minimum requirement is to cover the purchase fees (additional charges): Notary costs (1.5% of purchase price) and stamp duty (3.5-6.5% of purchase price).

Therefore the minimum deposit is at least 5% of a property’s value to get a mortgage. This is to cover all purchase costs. A lender would then lend you 100% of the property’s value. So, if you wanted to buy a €300,000 property, you would need to save up at least €30,000 to cover all purchase fees and borrow €300,000. The purchase fees may, however, be more if there are real estate agent fees. Please check our borrowing power calculator, to check how much you can afford.

But please be aware: The more savings you are willing to spend, the better the interest rate!

However, if you have a non-European salary and a non-German or EU residency permit banks will only finance up to around 60% of the purchase price. We at LoanLink24 are able to provide you automatically with all equity requirements depending on your individual case once you fill out the mortgage questionnaire. Go ahead and start now.

Your borrowing power is driven by various variables: the property, your deposit, your working situation and income are the most important factors. Your income must cover your living expenses and the mortgage rate. If you want to find out in detail, how much you can borrow, please check out our borrowing power calculator.

To obtain a mortgage approval from a German credit institution, you are required to provide a full set of documentation verifying your financial and personal life. The most important documents are:

  • Proof of equity
  • Income tax assessments
  • Last 3 Payslips
  • Certificate of wage tax deduction
  • Annual accounts (if you are self-employed)
  • Property documents (e.g. Building description / specification)
  • Purchase contract
  • We created a detailed overview in our LoanLink24 document checklist.

The land register secures all rights to real estate. Every legal right to real estate is noted in the land register. However, this means that the legal position is not confirmed until the registration in the land register. The chronological receipt is relevant here.

Newly built real estate is oftentimes unfinished at the conclusion of the contract. It can still be in development. This must be considered in the contract and it is important for the warranty rights. The contract is not only a sales contract but also a contract for work. Therefore, other rules apply. Contracts should be checked with a special focus on warranty claims and the obligor.

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