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Nicholas H.

Thank you, LoanLink24!

“Simply put, my wife and I would not have our dream home without the help of LoanLink24. Although our personal/financial situation was less than ideal, LoanLink24 was able to secure us an extremely favourable loan. I really doubt another broker could have done as well.”

James P.

Professional, fast and knowledgeable.

“We had a fantastic experience negotiating the complexities of the German banking system with Basar's help. We were able to secure a loan for even more than we expected with a fantastic rate and this was done quickly and with great customer service. Highly recommended.”

Simone B.

5 stars plus!

“Our account manager really helped us through every step of the process and was always available for questions or to answer concerns. We really could not have done it without them and i would absolutely recommend to use this provider.”

J. Hastings M.

We can't thank LoanLink24 enough.

“We could never have made our way through the Deutsch loan market without Basar. He helped us to get the best financing rate, and worked magic every time we hit a roadblock. We didn't speak the language and he made us feel confident every step of the way!”


Amazing help

“We had a great Experience using LoanLink24 for our apartment purchase. From the first touchpoint, they guided us through step by step and answered our overwhelming amounts of questions. Would highly recommend anyone who's looking to buy a flat...”

Clare B.

I found LoanLink24 via the Internet

“I found LoanLink24 via the Internet, I must say to start I was worried that it could be a con company but as I desperately wanted help in buying a house here in Germany I thought a question would not hurt. It didn't It turned out to be the best thing I could have done... ”

Thomas Schöppe
Thomas Schöppe
Director Sales
Adrian Baumgärtner
Adrian Baumgärtner
Mortgage expert
Christoph Winkelmann
Christoph Winkelmann
Mortgage expert

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I honestly feel like it would’ve been a huge challenge to get these all done without the help of LoanLink24.
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