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City of Bremen

Old historic town with view of St.Martin church in Bremen

City overview

Bremen is the second most populous city in north-western Germany with a population of 678,753 as of 2017. The federal state of Bremen is the smallest of all German states with an area of only 419.0 km².

Bremen is the 6th largest industrial hub in Germany with major developments in the field of automotive, aerospace & aeronautics, and electrical engineering. Moreover, the presence of a port makes the city the second largest international trade center after Hamburg. Bremen’s port is a crucial hub for transportation of goods as it is the 7th largest inland port and the 2nd largest sea port in Germany. Its proximity to the North Sea promotes international business and trade.

The real estate market in Bremen is expected to witness high demand in the coming years due to the increasing foriegn population, which contributes to approximately 15% of the total population and the rise in the number of new builds in 2017.

Real estate market trends & outlook

In 2016, the purchase price for new builds witnessed an exceptional increase in condominiums being valued at €4,400/sqm, however, prime locations witnessed a purchase price of €5,000/sqm. In 2018, purchase prices for new builds increased by 6% on an average and around 12% for prime locations. Whereas, land for residential buildings was priced between €800 to €1300/sqm in 2018.

In 2018, locations within Bremen city such as Old Town project ”Stephanitor” and the Marcusallee in Bremen-Horn experienced a significant increase in the purchase price going up to €6,000/sqm.

Residential rents in Bremen witnessed a slow growth in 2017 with rent in prime locations higher by only 3.6% than 2016 reaching €14.29/sqm. However, average rents for new build property was €11.17/sqm in 2017, a 4.4% increase as compared to 2016.

In Bremen, purchase prices have experienced higher growth as compared to rents, with average rents rising by 16.5% and purchase prices by 28% in 2018.

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How prices are growing in
major German cities?

Germany's strong economic growth has resulted in price increases across German cities: On average the prices doubled in the last 10 years. Rents also follow the house price development in Germany: the average increase amounts to 50% between 2008 and 2018.

In Bremen, average rent prices for new constructed property was €11.30/sqm. However, the purchase price for new build property varying between €3,700/sqm or €5,500/sqm in 2018.

The below figure depicts the purchase prices in Bremen and other German cities for the year 2018 along with the forecast data for 2030.

apartment purchase prices and projected prices for Bremen and other German cities

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