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City of Essen

Aerial view of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in Essen at sunset

City overview

Essen is the fourth largest city in the North Rhine-Westphalia state. With a population of 593,085 as of 2018, it is known as the city of culture and the European green capital. Formerly a coal and steel center, the city has attracted workers from everywhere throughout the nation. Moreover, Essen was recognized as the energy capital of Germany with E.ON and RWE, the largest energy providers, both headquartered in the city.

South Essen has presence of several national and international firms, whereas, East Essen is appropriate for those in search of neighbouring local areas having economical living space including both independent units and apartments.

The transformation of Essen into an international hub is well-reflected with the construction work of the largest urban development project, Essen 51 quarter in 2018. Investments by global firms have supported the city’s solid real estate development. Moreover, an average of 1,186 residential units were completed in 2017, nearly twice the number of units in 2016.

Real estate market trends & outlook

The residential investment market in Essen witnessed a turnover volume of €299 million with more than 400 properties sold in 2017. Rent prices in Essen haven't witnessed a drastic change in the last few years. Cold rent for new buildings was priced at an average of €10.78/sqm in 2018. Land used for residential buildings in Essen was priced between €600/sqm to €800/sqm in 2018, which was comparatively lower than cities such as Hanover, Leipzig, and Nuremberg. The maximum price for rental apartment buildings in prime locations such as Rüttenscheid district was valued at €1,500/sqm in 2018, indicating a steady growth in the residential market.

One of the factors for future growth in real estate is the location, as Essen is situated in the Ruhr area, one of the most productive regions of Germany. With the presence of several international firms, the city has numerous opportunities for locales as well as expats. However, a stagnant population growth with almost 37% of the population aged above 60 has led to a moderate growth in new building completions not affecting rent prices significantly. However, solid economic advancements in Essen with an expansion in gross domestic product that amounted to roughly €24.2 billion in 2016 has placed Essen as an economic center in Germany. Moreover, increase in working population by 8.5% in 2016 has helped Essen maintain its spot as the largest labour market location in the Ruhr area.

How prices are growing in
major German cities?

Germany's strong economic growth has resulted in price increases across German cities. On average the prices doubled in the last 10 years. Residential real estate investment in Germany accounted to €14.8 billion in 2017, as compared to €13.7 billion in 2016.

In Essen, average annual rent prices increased from €6,600 in 2011 to €7,440 in 2017, an increase of €840 annually in a time frame of six years.

The below figure depicts the ratio between the income and rent in 2018. For instance, in Essen, housing was cheaper as compared to other German cities as average monthly rent that an individual paid was approximately €590 with an average monthly salary of €4,633. This led to a housing cost share of only 13% of the average income for professionals.

Average monthly rent and monthly salary indicating the share rent on the monthly income for professionals

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